Say good-bye to walkie-talkies.

Connected Kennels is the first visual paging platform for dog daycare owners to show staff which dogs are checking out.

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Use your TV, an iPad, cell phone — whatever you’d like.
Rid yourself of all verbal communication issues.
Sign up, login with PetExec, and you’re done — that’s it.
Keep customers happy by reducing their wait time.

Connected Kennels makes checkout easy.

Manage all your dogs in one place.

Our software connects directly with PetExec (other platforms coming soon!) and shows you all the dogs that are checked-in, along with the pertinent information about each.

Page dogs + notify staff with ease.

When an owner arrives to pick up their dog, call dogs with ease and show your staff which dogs are needed in just a single click.

Toggle between Leaving and Grooming.

Do you have in-house grooming? We’ve got you covered. When you page a dog, you can specifically notify staff whether they’re leaving for the day or simply going to grooming, in which case they don’t need their leash.

Connected Kennels works on all devices.

  • Want a large monitor setup? Use a Chromecast and show all dogs on a TV.
  • Have a dedicated iPad or Tablet for handlers? Share the information in just a few clicks.
  • Want handlers to be able to see active requests from their phones? Send them a custom URL.
Building a better customer experience.

We’re building tools that are dedicated to helping you build a better customer experience for your customers while also working directly with your favorite every day tools like PetExec.

Reduce Customer Wait Times
Improve Communication
Dirt Simple to Use
Try Connected Kennels for Free
Reduce Customer Wait Times

Kennel managers know the hassle of the 5:30PM rush — 21 people in the lobby, all (impatiently) waiting to leave with their dog. Reduce the wait times by letting every staff member know who is waiting on their pup instantly.

Improve Communication

With Connected Kennels, gone are the days of people not knowing how to talk into a walkie or having to hear over countless dogs barking. Show all the information you need, visually!

Dirt Simple to Use

With Connected Kennels, you can share a URL with anyone on your staff and let them see what dogs are being paged, right from their device. Want to take things one step further and show the data on a TV? Use Apple TV or Google Chromecast to get going in minutes.

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